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Michael C. Lewis

There is a conspiracy at work.
The homosexual movement and women’s rights groups have long been leading society on a downward spiral toward moral depravity. Make no mistake, the family, human society’s basic institution is their target. Consider the following:
Eleven states now recognize “gay marriage” as legal unions, affording these obscenities the same rights and privileges as heterosexual marriages. The military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on homosexuality has been abolished, endangering the unity and morale that warfare demands. Homosexuals are now allowed membership in the Boy Scouts, assuring confusion and consternation to an untold number of future male adolescents. “Reality” programming which promotes deviant sexual lifestyles, such as polygamy, and homosexual or bisexual behavior is running rampant on TV, infecting the minds and hearts of worldwide viewers.  Look for a “polygamy rights” movement on the heels of the homosexual agenda.
The God-given dividing line between male and female has been effectively blurred by the same-sex lobbyists and women’s rights organizations such as the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood. These movements were on the forefront of putting our service women on the battlefield as fighting soldiers on the front lines of war. After all, the advocates assure us, the male as defender and protector, and the female as nurturer are simply the archaic notions of obsolete biblical text. They understand, better than many Christians, the Holy Bible is either “absolute” or “obsolete” in its instruction and truth.
Another indicator of our nation’s slide toward depravity is our insistence on killing our unborn. The slaughter of the innocents continues to happen daily in America–under the banner of Women’s Rights.  The number of legal abortions that have been performed in this country alone since 1973 is well over 50,000,000.
As a Bible believer, I understand that we live in a fallen world, led by fallen men and the forces who give them power (see Ephesians 6:12). And that knowledge makes me a conspiracy theorist of sorts, though my beliefs are based less on “theory” and more on Biblical fact. I know that depraved unbelievers will act on their depravity, but I don’t believe all the deviance, or the evils of this world are simply the results of the mistaken decisions of fallible men. There is another, more formidable and insidious power at work.
Every idea of man that contradicts the plan laid out by God in the Holy Bible first originated in the ever-rebelling mind of the first deceiver, Satan. He wants to destroy you and your family, and by extension, all of humanity. It is Satan’s conspiracy against God and God’s creation which we witness in the degradation of human society. And this diabolical agenda is becoming more pervasive in the hour in which we now live.
We live in a time when evil is being promoted, and the good things in society are being vilified. The Holy Bible clearly states that these things will happen. Isn’t it incredible that as I write this, fundamental Bible-believing Christians in America are listed as potential terrorists by various federal law enforcement groups such as Homeland Security? What once was considered a good and positive influence in our country that extended to the whole world is now considered by many as subversive and evil.
Despite all this rampant moral chaos and overt evil infesting our nation, Christians should be aware that the Holy Bible does assure us that good will prevail. Although it may seem that the days of fundamental Christianity are numbered, God will always have His remnant of believers. It is our calling, indeed our mandate to be that remnant of light as we traverse this sad, dark world. After all, this is not our home. For we who believe, there is a rapture right around the corner. We will be taken from the worst of it.
The key to having the “peace of God, which passeth all understanding” (Philippians 4:7) in times like these is to Read, Retain, and Rest on the promises found in God’s inerrant, infallible and immutable Word. Jesus, Himself assured us, “Thy word is truth” (John 17:17). And it is the truth which makes us free (John 8:32).
So, even as you observe this generation forsaking the narrow path of righteousness for the six lane super highway that leads to destruction, take heart, Beloved. Light will eventually pierce this present darkness. Jesus Christ, as Lord of lords, and King of kings is coming back to dissipate the current gloom. He will put an end to the satanic agenda which now permeates our culture.
In the mean time, let’s be focused on fulfilling the work of our Lord’s “Great Commission” and snatch as many souls as we can from Satan’s grasp.
Time is of the essence. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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